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Lancashire Heeler Pedigree Database

The Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database is a project of collaboration amongst the Lancashire Heeler Community"the three most important things for us all to focus on to ensure the future of the Lancashire Heeler are:

  1. to put the health and temperament of our dogs above all else
  2. to share information from the past present and future to help each other to achieve and maintain a healthy breed
  3. include and encourage all Lancashire Heeler owners in our activities and breeding programmes. The breadth of our gene pool has a direct correlation to the longevity of the Lancashire Heeler breed"

Tracy St Clair Pearce (Traqdean)
FORMER Chairman, Lancashire Heeler Association

The Lancashire Heeler was recognised by the UK Kennel Club in July 1981Lancashire Heeler Recognition  1985 - 2016, 35 Years of history!

This project is the result of ideas from the Lancashire Heeler community. At its core is a Lancashire Heeler Database of pedigrees which we can all contribute to. The project will remain a work in progress for some time to come. This resource offers the ability to for all to submit pedigrees and pictures allowing every Lancashire Heeler owner the opportunity to interact with the history of the breed and influence its future welfare.
Whilst this site is independently provided it is intended as a breed resource for all. 
The database has recently been re-built.  Previous functionality but will be restored and further improved over the coming weeks and months.  Bear with us a little longer!

Lancashire Heeler History - Foundations for the Future

An aim of the work of this project is to enable us to remember and acknowledge the work of the breeders who put so much into the recognition and promotion of the Lancashire Heeler without whom we would not be able to enjoy this historic breed today. I wish to acknowledge those I have been able to contact who have already provided photographs and breeding records which are gradually being added and invite others to contribute via the links to this site. The First Lancashire Heeler to be recognised was Acremead BogeyPlease contact me for assistance

In particular I should like to thank Tracy St Clair Pearce **, Former Chairman Lancashire Heeler Association for her encouragement and advice, Sarah Whybrow in respect of Kathie Kidd and Gwen Mackintosh's records, Bob and Lynne Bell **, Enid Lord, Dorothy Malins, Margaret McFarlane, Molly Old, Chris Norman, Bill and Ginnette Simpson, and Pat Taylor for the initial and ongoing offers of photographs and records enabling the start of this project; Debbie Felstead, Jess Flanagan, Sophie Sheldon**, Jean Paul Smaal, Elaine Syrett,  Astrid Van Zijl and and the many international breeders and members of Lancashire Heeler Facebook Group for initial data inputting, testing and support. Dick Koster, Netherlands Lancashire Heeler Club for his advice, co-operation and assistance and for providing access to the NLLHC database archive.
Eeva-Maija Lehtinen (Catellus), co-author of the First and Second Books with Kathie Kidd and provider of many illustrations on the Lancashire Heeler Community website, has also generously given her permission for the use of her many photos of her own and other historic dogs for which I am most grateful.
Lastly, and in every way furthest from least, a big thank-you to Jacky Cutler. Without her support, impressive work ethic, input, cajoling and 'dogged' persistence, I would have given up long ago. 

Lancashire Heeler Database

The data entered will be continually updated as more pedigrees, breed records etc are found. If your dog is already on the database and the data is incorrect or you have a picture please contact me. User forms for adding and changing details will be added shortly. 

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Enjoy browsing the Lancashire Heeler Pedigrees!

Janice Jones



 ** Sadly, these individuals are no longer with us. 

Our database is an ongoing Lancashire Heeler community collaboration and is open to Heeler owners and breeders worldwide. Note that accessing and using the database confirms acceptance of its terms and conditions. Please read terms and conditions prior to use. By entering information your are confirming that the data you enter is in the public domain and that you have all copyright permissions for any photos submitted.