Norman F Johnston
Last name Johnston
First name Norman F
Email address
Website http://
Owner of Bess of Doddsline
Carrie of Doddsline
Cindy of Doddsline
Doddsline Barnie
Doddsline Beauty
Doddsline Ben
Doddsline Bob
Doddsline Cracer
Doddsline Danielle Defoe
Doddsline Dee
Doddsline Derek
Doddsline Elegant Elsa
Doddsline Henery
Doddsline Humphry the Tzar
Doddsline Isadora Velvet
Doddsline Janie
Doddsline Kenmillto Arnold
Doddsline Kenmillto Penelope
Doddsline Kentee Gladys
Doddsline Kentee Jake
Doddsline Kentee Lady
Doddsline Lady
Doddsline Lady Sarah
Doddsline Lester
Doddsline Mandy
Doddsline Milly
Doddsline Miranda
Doddsline Monica
Doddsline Nicole
Doddsline Nipper
Doddsline Oak
Doddsline Pippa
Doddsline Prince
Doddsline Queenie
Doddsline Sally
Doddsline Samy
Doddsline Selena
Doddsline Simon
Doddsline Sir Basil
Doddsline Tammy Girl
Doddsline Tea Rose
Doddsline Tina
Doddsline Trish
Doddsline Trixie
Doddsline Trudy
Haelarbobs Spinning Jenny of Doddsline
Penny of Doddsline
Pip of Doddsline
Ryslip Onslow
Sally of Doddsline
Susie of Doddsline
Tapatina Be Lucky of Doddsline
Telpoolwyn Claret Lady of Doddsline
Tina of Doddswood
Breeder of Black Diamond of Finney
Doddsline Abra
Doddsline Adam
Doddsline Alfie
Doddsline Alice
Doddsline Alma
Doddsline Alyson
Doddsline Amy
Doddsline Ana
Doddsline Andy
Doddsline Archie
Doddsline Ash
Doddsline Barney
Doddsline Barnie
Doddsline Baron
Doddsline Basil
Doddsline Beauty
Doddsline Becky
Doddsline Belinda
Doddsline Bella
Doddsline Ben
Doddsline Benji
Doddsline Bertha
Doddsline Bertie
Doddsline Bertram
Doddsline Bess (Exp USA)
Doddsline Billy the Kid
Doddsline Black Flash
Doddsline Black Magic
Doddsline Bliss
Doddsline Blossom
Doddsline Bob
Doddsline Bonnie Blue
Doddsline Bonny
Doddsline Boss
Doddsline Bow
Doddsline Bridgett
Doddsline Burney
Doddsline Busby
Doddsline Buscuits by Cheinban
Doddsline Buster
Doddsline Busy Being Batty
Doddsline Buzzer
Doddsline Carla
Doddsline Casper
Doddsline Chal Boy
Doddsline Charlotte
Doddsline Chloe
Doddsline Cilla
Doddsline Classic Choice at Tapatina
Doddsline Clifford
Doddsline Cora
Doddsline Couldbegood for Russiatree
Doddsline Count Kramer
Doddsline Cracer
Doddsline Crafty Lad at Leyeside
Doddsline Crisp
Doddsline Crispin
Doddsline Daisy
Doddsline Dame Lillie
Doddsline Dandy
Doddsline Daniel
Doddsline Danny
Doddsline Danny Boy of Scarlac
Doddsline Daphne
Doddsline Dark Stranger
Doddsline Darla the Pretty
Doddsline Darragh Demaine
Doddsline Darren
Doddsline Davy
Doddsline Dawn
Doddsline Dee
Doddsline Dela
Doddsline Delilah Of Colnestar
Doddsline Denies
Doddsline Denny
Doddsline Derek
Doddsline Desert
Doddsline Dexter
Doddsline Digby
Doddsline Digger
Doddsline Dillys at Kormac
Doddsline Dimple
Doddsline Dinkie
Doddsline Dixie
Doddsline Dominic
Doddsline Don
Doddsline Donna
Doddsline Doris
Doddsline Dorothy at Bowanne
Doddsline Dot at Swanndale
Doddsline Dotty
Doddsline Duchess of Plaisance
Doddsline Dudliey
Doddsline Duffy
Doddsline Duke
Doddsline Duncan
Doddsline Duncan Deklaine
Doddsline Dylan
Doddsline Dyson
Doddsline Ella (Exp Fin)
Doddsline Ellie
Doddsline Ellis
Doddsline Elsie
Doddsline Emily
Doddsline Emma
Doddsline Farley
Doddsline Fella
Doddsline Fergus
Doddsline Fern
Doddsline Fiona
Doddsline Flo
Doddsline Flora
Doddsline Floss
Doddsline Fred
Doddsline Freddy
Doddsline Fudge
Doddsline Gabrielle
Doddsline Gail
Doddsline Gerry
Doddsline Gina
Doddsline Ginnette
Doddsline Ginny
Doddsline Gizmo
Doddsline Grace
Doddsline Gracie Fields of Tequila
Doddsline Guinness
Doddsline Gypsy
Doddsline Hank
Doddsline Hannah at Shawlea
Doddsline Happy
Doddsline Happy Boy
Doddsline Harold at Welshmoor
Doddsline Harry
Doddsline Heather
Doddsline Helga Giss
Doddsline Henery
Doddsline Higgins
Doddsline Hilda
Doddsline Himself
Doddsline Holly
Doddsline Hot Chocolate (EXP SWE)
Doddsline Hot Toddie At Perranfell
Doddsline Hurricane
Doddsline Jack
Doddsline James
Doddsline Jane
Doddsline Janie
Doddsline Jemmy
Doddsline Jennifer
Doddsline Jessica
Doddsline Jessie James
Doddsline Jessy
Doddsline Jester
Doddsline Jim
Doddsline Jimmy
Doddsline Jinx
Doddsline Jodie
Doddsline Joe (EXP SWE)
Doddsline Jolly Jack
Doddsline Joshua of Risehill
Doddsline Joy
Doddsline Juke
Doddsline Julianne at Bowanne
Doddsline Julie
Doddsline June
Doddsline Just William
Doddsline Kate
Doddsline Katrina
Doddsline Kayleigh
Doddsline Kelly
Doddsline Kenny
Doddsline Khariszimar
Doddsline Kim
Doddsline Kirk (Exp Swe)
Doddsline Kristen
Doddsline Kyle
Doddsline Lad
Doddsline Lady
Doddsline Lady Clara
Doddsline Lady Milley
Doddsline Lady Rosie
Doddsline Lady Sarah
Doddsline Lester
Doddsline Lil Kim
Doddsline Lily
Doddsline Littil Kracer
Doddsline Little Lady
Doddsline Little Pip
Doddsline Lord at Swanndale
Doddsline Lord Merry
Doddsline Louise
Doddsline Lucas
Doddsline Lucky Fella (Exp Can)
Doddsline Lydia
Doddsline Mac at Welshmoor
Doddsline Maisie
Doddsline Maisy
Doddsline Mandy
Doddsline Marcella
Doddsline Maria
Doddsline Marlon
Doddsline Marsha
Doddsline Marshall
Doddsline Martha
Doddsline Master
Doddsline Master Sam
Doddsline Matilda
Doddsline Mattie
Doddsline Max
Doddsline Maximus
Doddsline Meg
Doddsline Megan
Doddsline Melissa
Doddsline Mickey Finn at Plaisance
Doddsline Milly
Doddsline Milos
Doddsline Miranda
Doddsline Miss Dottie at Shultannes
Doddsline Miss Gladys at Welshmoor
Doddsline Miss Lady
Doddsline Miss Maisy
Doddsline Miss Megan
Doddsline Miss Molly
Doddsline Miss Ruby
Doddsline Miss Sassy
Doddsline Miss Trixy
Doddsline Moira
Doddsline Molly
Doddsline Mondo
Doddsline Monica
Doddsline Monty
Doddsline Mr Basil
Doddsline Mr Benny
Doddsline Mr Bertie
Doddsline Mr Buster
Doddsline Mr Dixie
Doddsline Mr Dylan
Doddsline Mr Hardy
Doddsline Mr Jack
Doddsline Mr Laural
Doddsline Mr Max
Doddsline Mr Michael
Doddsline Mr Ollie
Doddsline Mr Sam
Doddsline Mr Samuel
Doddsline Mr Stanley
Doddsline Mr Winston
Doddsline Nell
Doddsline Nellie
Doddsline Nero
Doddsline Nick
Doddsline Nicole
Doddsline Nina
Doddsline Nipper
Doddsline Norfolk Cowboy
Doddsline Nutmeg
Doddsline Oak
Doddsline Olga (Exp Fin)
Doddsline Olive
Doddsline Paddy
Doddsline Pamela
Doddsline Paprika
Doddsline Patricia at Tapatina
Doddsline Patsy
Doddsline Pearl
Doddsline Pedro
Doddsline Peggy
Doddsline Peggy Sue
Doddsline Pepper
Doddsline Pete
Doddsline Pietrie
Doddsline Pipin
Doddsline Pippa
Doddsline Pippin
Doddsline Pixie
Doddsline Polly Anna
Doddsline Poppet
Doddsline Prestiege
Doddsline Prince
Doddsline Prince Charlie
Doddsline Prince Pippin
Doddsline Princess Pickle
Doddsline Pringle
Doddsline Queenie
Doddsline Ralph
Doddsline Rascal
Doddsline Ray
Doddsline Razzle Dazzle
Doddsline Rebel of Plaisance
Doddsline Remus
Doddsline Rex
Doddsline Reymundo
Doddsline Rikki
Doddsline Robin
Doddsline Rockie in Telpoolwyn
Doddsline Rocky
Doddsline Rolo
Doddsline Rookie
Doddsline Rooney
Doddsline Rose
Doddsline Rose of Sharon
Doddsline Rowena
Doddsline Roy
Doddsline Ruby
Doddsline Rust
Doddsline Rusty at Atomohi
Doddsline Sadie
Doddsline Sally
Doddsline Sam
Doddsline Sammy
Doddsline Samson
Doddsline Samy
Doddsline Sandy
Doddsline Scamp
Doddsline Scout
Doddsline Sean
Doddsline Senior
Doddsline Serena
Doddsline Seven
Doddsline Shanti
Doddsline Shaun
Doddsline Sheba
Doddsline Shelley
Doddsline Simon
Doddsline Sir
Doddsline Sir Alfred Thomas
Doddsline Sir Rex
Doddsline Sir Stanley
Doddsline Skip
Doddsline Smokie
Doddsline Sonia
Doddsline Sophie
Doddsline Soraya
Doddsline Sparkey
Doddsline Sparky
Doddsline Spice
Doddsline Spike
Doddsline Spot
Doddsline Stalla
Doddsline Stan
Doddsline Stewart
Doddsline Storm
Doddsline Stormin' Norman
Doddsline Sunny at Simonsville
Doddsline Sweet Dark Secret at Delfran
Doddsline Sweet Toby
Doddsline Sybil
Doddsline Sydney
Doddsline Tairnan
Doddsline Tanya
Doddsline Tara
Doddsline Taz
Doddsline Tea Rose
Doddsline Teresa
Doddsline Tessa
Doddsline Tessy
Doddsline Thia
Doddsline Tia
Doddsline Tigger
Doddsline Tilly
Doddsline Tilly Mint at Swanndale
Doddsline Tina
Doddsline Tisser of Littlehive
Doddsline Toby
Doddsline Todd
Doddsline Tommy
Doddsline Tracy
Doddsline Trevor
Doddsline Trish
Doddsline Trixie
Doddsline Trudy
Doddsline Tuppence
Doddsline Victor
Doddsline Wallace
Doddsline Wilber Giss (Exp Swe)
Doddsline Wild Spirit
Doddsline Wilfred
Doddsline Will
Doddsline Willfred
Doddsline Willow
Doddsline Winston
Doddsline Wispa
Doddsline Worcter
Doddsline Your My Boy
Doddsline Zak
Doddsline Zara
Doddsline Zoe
Fleck of Stanmoor
High Energy at Redrose
Penny of Doddsline
Tina of Doddswood
Tod of the Lowe
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