Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler pedigree database.

This database now has 8074 Lancashire Heeler pedigrees and 436 pictures. It has been set up to give an accessible archive of the Lancashire Heeler to enable owners and breeders to share information to improve health and so participate in preserving Lancashire Heeler history and securing a healthier future for our dogs.

Once a Lancashire Heeler has been found you are able to view its pedigree. This shows you the selected Lancashire Heeler, the parents, the grandparents and the great-grandparents. You can then click on any of these Lancashire Heelers to view their pedigree. This way you can "walk" through a Lancashire Heeler pedigree and go back many generations.

The merging of all pedigrees enables us all to learn from the breed as a whole. It is possible to calculate the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding of any Lancashire Heeler very accurately providing a valuable resource of information that can be used by breeders and enthusiasts.

Registration for this database is free and will give you full access to all elements of the site which is open to both UK and international users.

Please note that this database uses Wrights inbreeding coefficient formula for COI calculations and is calculated over 8 generations where available, as per Breedmate.
A Lancashire Heeler Community Project